Ideas in Things, 2018
Enduring Claims, 2018
Hasty Evacuation (Deception Island, Antarctica), 2018
Self-Determination, 2015
Keeping An Eye on Things (Brown Station, Antarctica), 2018
When We Come to It (Abandoned RCMP Post), 2015
The Faraway Nearby (Arctic Sea Ice), 2015
Loss of Profits Due to Scarcity, 2018
With an Eye of Faith, 2018
Many Kinds of Absence, 2018
This Wayward Floating Body, 2018
The Critical Zone, 2018
01 A Place Of Many Fish LR cropped.jpg
02 Living Memory LR.jpg
03 The Left Hand Points Toward Home LR.jpg
05 Greening LR.jpg
07 Crossing The Line LR.jpg
09 Subject to Erosion LR.jpg
11 Perceptible Changes Over Time LR.jpg
13 The Long View LR.jpg
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